During the Christmas Season, there is nothing more beautiful than impeccably designed and installed home lighting decor.  This festive touch adds more than mere beauty to your holiday decor.   It adds a feeling, a certain spirit, a mood.  This is what you want.  This is nourishment for the soul during Christmas.  It gets dark earlier in St. George over Christmas  and coming home to a well-lit, festive environment is good for the soul, good for relationships and good for the Season.

Here’s how it works.  You call us and invite us out to look at your home’s exterior.  We’ll measure the areas you want lit. We can accentuate your roof lines, as many or as few as you want, and any or all of your lawn and shrubbery.  We’ll give you a quote based on measurements and the quality of lights you choose.  We offer LEDs and incandescents.  We have a variety of choices.  We’ll even put up your own lights from last year.  We measure, cut and install everything to fit  your home perfectly.  We’ll even put it on a timer if you like.  We’ll do the project for what we quote and even come back and take down everything in January.  We’ll label and store the lights and give you a call next year to do it again. The following year, we’ll come back and either put everything up the same way or make any adjustments to your colors and designs that you’d like.