Each property is unique and requires a custom lawn and landscape plan. By choosing Honey Bee, you can rest assured that your grass, plants, and landscape will be in good hands.

Our 5-step program provides your turf with the highest quality fertilizers plus both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to ensure a healthy lawn. Our technicians will treat your lawn in a safe and courteous manner. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with each service!

Grub Control
The best way to control grubs is with a preventative treatment applied in early summer. One treatment of our premium products will prevent grubs for the entire year. Grub damage is evident late in the summer after the damage is already done. As grubs feed upon the root system of your grass, patches will turn yellow and be easily pulled up in large chunks. Our preventative treatment is the best insurance against grubs.

Core Aeration
In addition to reducing compaction, core aeration also allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the root system of your lawn. This helps create a more dense turf with a higher stress tolerance for drought and disease. We recommend that all lawns are aerated at least once every year, preferably in the fall when the root system is growing vigorously. If your lawn has thin areas, you may consider aerating in both the spring and the fall for even better results.

Tree & Shrub Treatment
Your trees and shrubs are very valuable and should be protected from damaging insects and diseases. Our basic treatment consists of a broad-spectrum insecticide to control bagworms, Japanese beetles, and many other insects. This treatment will eliminate the existing pests and prevent new infestations for up to 4 weeks. Subsequent applications are required for season-long control. Certain diseases may require additional treatments.

Lawn Mowing
Our lawn mowing professionals will mow your lawn on a weekly basis as needed during the growing season. Each service includes mowing, edging, trimming, and clean-up. Our technicians are professionally dressed and always friendly and helpful.

Shrub Pruning
Our shrub pruning technicians will trim and shape your bushes and shrubs in a professional manner. We will also clean-up and haul away all clippings. Most properties should be trimmed once or twice per year.

Spring & Fall Clean up
Spring Clean-Up – One visit in the spring will prepare your lawn and landscape for the upcoming season. Our technicians will remove any sticks or leaves that have accumulated over the winter months, in addition to any other small clean-up projects that you request.
Fall Clean-Up – Fall weather is great for the health of your lawn, as long as the leaves are picked up in a timely manner. This usually requires several visits throughout late fall. Our crews will blow all leaves from your landscaping and vacuum them from your entire yard with special leaf collecting mowers. The leaves will then be removed from your property restoring a beautiful and tidy appearance.

Mulch Installation
All landscape beds and trees should be re-mulched every spring and again in the fall. A fresh layer of our enhanced dyed hardwood mulch helps to suppress weeds and retains moisture for your landscape plants. This organic layer also works into the ground to enhance the St. George soil for growing healthy plants.