The Honey Bee is all over Washington County caring for landscapes belonging to people like you and me who have busy schedules and a desire to come home to a beautifully maintained home.

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We understand that Property Managers and Home Owners Associations have the unique obligation to care for other peoples' real estate at a pristine level.  We know that's not just your responsibility, it's ours.  It's not just your contract on the line, it's our too.

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Christmas Lights

Nothing creates that warm, holiday glow like gorgeous Christmas Lights decorating your home.  Beautiful lights say Merry Christmas not just to you and yours, but to your entire neighborhood as well.

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About Honey Bee Lawn Care

My name is Jeannie Hughes and I’m the owner of Honey Bee Lawn Care Company.  I grew up in the Real Estate Business taking care of both commercial and residential real estate like these properties belonged to me.  As a kid, “clean and green” was how I earned my allowance.  Since then, we’ve gotten a lot more sophisticated in how we do things, but basic customer service has always been king.  I moved down to St. George to raise my family while continuing the tradition of caring for both residential and commercial real estate.  Today, Honey Bee is a solid business based on the philosophy that the customer is always right.  We know that you own your property, that you live there, that you have questions and that you make the decisions.  You’re the boss and we work for you.  We are here to take your calls, respond to your questions and free-up your time so you can enjoy your investment in Home and Business.  We know that the health of your yard and how your property looks isn’t just a reflection on you, it’s a reflection on us.  A job well done makes us feel good.  At the end of the day, we take pride in a solid day’s work.  We love what we do and we love the relaxation of Clean and Green.

As a kid growing up, Christmas was something we looked forward to.  We knew that by Christmas we were finished with all the hard work in the lawns and orchards.  We enjoyed the smell of  Mom’s cooking and the comfort of stewed apples with cinnamon, pumpkin pies and of course, all the canning was done by Christmas too.  Christmas was a joyous, spiritual time for our family.  But the highlight was wondering which of us kids would get to choose the color of Christmas Lights for the tree.  We would plot and scheme all year to pick just the right color each year.  Finally, we’d get to pick our straw and the short straw would win.  One year, being the youngest and never seemingly winning anything, my choice was ignored once more.  My hopes were dashed again this year, so it seemed.  My sister got to pick the color and she chose green lights for the tree.  Again.  Mom wanted white and Dad wanted multi.  My other siblings had various choices too. “But doesn’t everyone know that red is the best color ever?” I pleaded.  Nevertheless, the tree was lovely twinkling in green lights.  Then something happened.  I was walking home on the last day of school before Christmas break.  I rounded the corner and there was my house shining beautifully in all red lights.  We had never had lights on the house before, just lights on the tree.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was so magnificent.  I was in love.  Those red lights on the eves of the house defined Christmas décor for my 8-year-old heart from that moment and for the rest of my life.  I love Christmas lights and I still like red.  So fast forward a bunch of years and now I have my own company taking care of homes and businesses and the people who live and work in those homes and business.  Do you think we do Christmas Lights?  You bet we do.  We plan Christmas lights starting in October of each year when I contact each of my clients to see if they want their homes to shine for the Christmas Season.  Nothing beats coming home at the end of the day to a beautifully, well-lit home.  No matter how tired, cold or hungry you may be at the end of your day, driving up to your own festively decorated home during the Christmas Season gives your spirits a lift and puts a big smile on your face before you walk in the door to greet your family.  We love Christmas Lights.  It’s the best time of year and brings everyone the most joy.  We love delivering this joy to our clients year after year.  Christmas Lights are wonderful.  They make kids of all ages happy.

Today, we have a crew for residential, lighting and commercial.  We take great pride in our commercial contracts.  We love spending time in planned unit developments  and other larger developments.   We get the distinct privilege of being the one who makes a property look like the developer intended it to look.  Commercial developments, even homeowners associations, can deteriorate quickly if not maintained in a systematically detailed fashion.  We understand and down right enjoy the process of bringing out the pristine in the higher end developments.  When we enter gorgeous developments, there's some exposure here and perhaps there and then we get started.  By the time we leave the neighborhood, common area or development reigns impeccable.  And somehow we feel like that's a part of us.  We leave at the end of the day walking a little taller.   It's a job well-done, that we did, that we can sign our name to, like a one-of-a-kind master painting.  This is what we do.  This is who we are.  And we'd love to meet you.

Next Steps...

If you are considering the health and beauty of your landscape investment or the lovely festivities of Christmas, call the Honey Bee.  We work hard to bring you the joy of every season.  We love what we do and I personally guarantee you will too.  Give us a call.  We’ll come out and study your project and give you the best deal humanly possible.  We will take care of your existing lawn and Christmas Lights and give you a seamless, worry-free experience.